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The Story

Exclusive Wedding Rings and engagement ring at Cober Jeweller: Jewellery and design atelier since 1991

We design all exclusive jewellery, exclusive wedding rings and even your custom engagement ring in-house.

Here we present our versatile yet unique Cober jewellery collection, mostly executed with well-known gemstones such as Diamond, Sapphire, Ruby and Emerald, but also with lesser-known gemstones such as Spinel, Topaz and Tourmaline. Handmade jewellery is always designed around gemstones. Given That, gem -or- gemstones form the basis for the design and the colour of the gold that will be used for it. We are proud to manufacture all our exclusive jewellery and wedding rings in our workshop. For over 30 years Cober has been synonymous with rare and exclusive gemstones.

The head gem collector Vincent Cober, draws all the designs himself, and has since become a renowned name in the world of designer jewellery. If you prefer to be involved in the jewellery design yourself, that is no problem at all. We are happy to think with you and share collective ideation. Even if you have inherited family jewellery, we would be delighted to advise you on how to create a new jewel or piece of jewellery that suits you. We often use the gold and gemstones from your old jewellery. If most of your jewellery is yellow gold, it can be melted down to white gold. We often film and photograph pieces from the making process to send to you afterwards. If we do not use everything we offer a good price for the surplus gold. Of course, you can also buy gold solely based on the prevailing exchange rate.

How can you contact us?

You are welcome in our beautiful shop with atelier in Oss, which is designed to showcase our exclusive jewellery collection as beautifully as possible (open 5 days a week). Or in Rotterdam, in the lobby of Hotel Mainport by appointment. Make an appointment here or call 0412-651450 or 010-3331905
Our jewellery is made with fair-trade gold.


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Newest Exclusive Jewellery

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Prachtige, onbewerkte stenen en interessante ontwerpen.

TrustPilot review "Cober is gespecialiseerd in prachtige, onbewerkte stenen in bijzondere kleuren.
Zijn Interessante ontwerpen, vaak met diamanten, laten die stenen nog mooie uitkomen dan zonder omlijsting.
Het is altijd weer een feest om zijn atelier te bezoeken en de nieuwste aanwinsten te bekijken die Cober onvermoeid aandraagt.."

Mevrouw Saleh

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TrustPilot review "Op afspraak Super geholpen door Vincent Cober. Erg blij met mijn nieuwe ringen

Mevrouw van Amelsfoort

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Nog elke dag verliefd op het eindresultaat.

"Een oud niet passend sieraad van mijn overleden moeder laten omtoveren tot een prachtige ring die ik dagelijks met veel plezier draag. ben nog elke dag verliefd op het eindresultaat."

Mevrouw Baars

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