01. Time Flies, But Memories Stay

Don't hesitate, wear your jewellery every day. Enjoy them so that the memory remains.

02. Young & In Love

Remember the butterflies in your stomach, naïve and blind to everything around you.

03. Classic Beliefs

Contemporary beauty with classic beliefs.

04. The Naked Truth

Think less, feel more.

05. Vintage Goodbye

Every goodbye is the birth of a new memory.

Handmade watches

Cober Nº1, a limited-edition watch which is only produced 100 times, distinguishes itself by its design. This 18-karat-white-golden watch is designed to be worn on the wrist in the most comfortable way possible and contains a 2892-A2 caliber, which is undeniably one of the best mechanical watch movements of all times. CLOSER LOOK

Engagement rings beyond your wildest dreams

Remember the butterflies in your stomach thinking about your special moment, soaring when reliving the pureness of your feelings, like the diamond on your finger. CLOSER LOOK

Wedding rings of a different class

Refined designs, designed to become even more charming over time. Rings that will become an extension of your personality, that you will have to love. Hers studded with flawless diamonds. CLOSER LOOK

Diamond ear studs

These gorgeous classical ear studs in a modern square version make every woman irresistible. We have diamond ear studs in different versions. CLOSER LOOK

Memorial Jewelry to relive moments

Give your heirloom a second life, like this powerful ring. Your ring will only be partly visible from the outside and the existing engravings will be kept safe, while transforming the ring. CLOSER LOOK

Latest creations

The story EN

The Story (Short version)

We work passionate with and on our jewelry every day, to be able to create the ultimate memory for you. We invest in our, and eventually in your creations, not per se to make them successful, but to add an emotional value to it. The beauty of our designs and finish originates from the podiums offered by our human bodies. As a company, we are responsible for the environment, for that reason we only use raw materials of the right origin. We believe that everything about the purchase has to feel right, to make it more than just that.


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