01. Time Flies, But Memories Stay

Don't hesitate, wear your jewellery every day. Enjoy them so that the memory remains.

02. Young & In Love

Remember the butterflies in your stomach, naïve and blind to everything around you.

03. Classic Beliefs

Contemporary beauty with classic beliefs.

04. The Naked Truth

Think less, feel more.

05. Vintage Goodbye

Every goodbye is the birth of a new memory.

Handmade watches

Handmade watches that make you say: "I've got to be crazy, but I'm so glad I did it." Admitted, our exclusive handmade golden watches are not cheap, but therein lies the difference. Our watches complete you. CLOSER LOOK

Engagement rings beyond your wildest dreams

Remember the butterflies in your stomach thinking about your special moment, soaring when reliving the pureness of your feelings, like the diamond on your finger. CLOSER LOOK

Handmade wedding rings

Wedding rings that make you say: "We made the right choice". Admitted, our exclusive, handmade wedding rings are not cheap, but therein lies the difference. The design, the perfect craftsmanship. Our wedding rings will complete you. CLOSER LOOK

Engagement rings

Picking a Cober engagement ring brings an advantage you're sure to want, you'll show her that you put a lot of thought into picking an engagement ring. With us, you will find the ring that will make her say, even years in the future: "I'm so happy with it!" CLOSER LOOK

Memorial Jewelry

We know like no other the details that can make or break it for you. You can trust us not to destroy any original engravings, let us (re)make your memorial jewellery and you won't regret it. CLOSER LOOK
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Cober Jewellers

Designs exclusive wedding rings, jewels and watches, all of them made by hand.
“The most distinctive jewellery collection we’ve seen in a long time” is what our customers tell us and we will always strive to keep it that way. Our jewellery is made with the most beautiful gemstones the world has to offer. Our worldwide network of suppliers always gives us a first pick whenever something new is discovered. We only look for the very best quality of gems. All our wedding rings, jewels and of course our own line of handcrafted watches are designed by Vincent Cober. Our goldsmiths are the most patient people you will ever meet and they will consecutively realize the designs into fine jewellery. Our team will do whatever it takes to make sure your shopping experience is the one you absolutely deserve. You are more than welcome in our jewellery shop, which is designed to make our jewellery sparkle in the best way possible.


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