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The Journey begins

When Vincent was a young boy, he could be found in his mum’s jewellery store every day after school. He used to watch amazed how the goldsmith, sir van Meerten, changed the raw materials into the most gorgeous jewellery. Impressed by the possibilities of this craftsmanship, Vincent decides to become a goldsmith himself. Passionate to become the best, Vincent accomplishes his assignments before turning 18. In 1987, he starts working in the evenings after school and decides to take a job as goldsmith at Saint Martin. Because of an extraordinary encounter with an Indian jeweller, Vincent travels from the Caribbean to Jaipur (India), where he studies gemology with a teacher, who is now one of his friends, Joseph, with who he still talks on an almost daily basis.

A golden network

Cober returns to the Netherlands in 1991 and opens his jewellery store in Oss. His dream comes true. Passionate manual work combined with the newest techniques turn into his trademark. In the small city of Oss, he keeps developing his knowledge of his profession. Due to his perfectionism and aesthetic qualities he builds up a strong customer base, including customers over the whole world. During the years, it starts to be even more important to be sustainable for Vincent. The origins of his raw materials are visited by Cober personally all over the world. Diamond cutters with good working circumstances and without child labour where found. The result: long-lasting relationships with good people, friendships and Fairtrade products with the best quality.

Extra advantage

And extra advantage is that the communication between supplier and the store are as short as possible, which brings down our costs and thus the price of our products. Vincent is constantly amazed by the audacity with which other jewellers ask such high prices for their gems.

How we see jewellery

Jewels that make you say, even years later: “I am so glad I did it”
That is what we are working for. A lot of personal touches is quite normal for us to do, so we have a lot of experience incorporating your own design wishes. Not only Vincent Cober is working every day to make the most exclusive jewellery, he has got a team of goldsmiths and salespeople which try their best to inspire new jewellery every day. In the end, there is only one thing we want you to think about us: “they understood me”


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