“Engraved Cluster” cognac Diamond


18K yellow gold ring with Diamonds.

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The “Engraved Cluster” with Cognac Diamond.

Beautiful Handmade Ring with Fine Engraved Cluster: A Masterpiece of Craft and Beauty

Are you looking for a unique piece of jewellery that is both elegant and eye-catching? Then this beautiful handmade ring with fine stitched engraving is the perfect choice. With its sophisticated details and impressive diamonds, this ring is sure to attract attention.

The first thing you will notice about this ring is the craftsmanship with which it has been made. Every detail, line and pattern has been hand-carved, creating a masterpiece of craftsmanship. The engraving extends across both the top and side of the ring, adding to its uniqueness.

But the showpiece of this ring is undoubtedly the central diamond. With an impressive size of 1.31 ct. and a cognac-coloured brilliant cut, this diamond radiates pure beauty. It draws all eyes to it and gives the ring a luxurious look.

Surrounded by an entourage mosaic of flawless brilliant-cut diamonds (E/LZ), the central diamond stands out even more. Together, the small diamonds form a dazzling whole that glitters with every move you make. The contrast between the cognac-coloured central stone and the bright white accent stones creates a beautiful colour palette that gives the ring even more allure.

But the craftsmanship does not end here.

Along the side of the ring, there are cut-out settings fitting into the engraving that also feature brilliants. This detail not only adds extra sparkle to the ring, but also emphasises its artisanal character. It is a subtle touch that makes this ring truly unique.

Altogether, all the diamonds in this ring have a combined weight of 0.70 ct. This gives the ring a nice balance between elegance and subtlety. It is sure to impress without going overboard.

Whether you are looking for a wonderful gift for someone special or just want to treat yourself, this “Engraved Cluster” with Cognac Diamond is definitely something to consider. With its unique design and dazzling diamonds, it will compliment any outfit and make any occasion special.

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