Memorial Jewellery

How we see memorial jewellery

“I’m so happy we picked these” That is what you will think even years in the future when thinking about your memorial jewellery. It means we at Cober did our job. We do not supply a standard line of memorial jewellery. Every piece is truly unique, just like the memory associated with it. We look at what would fit you as a person and we can also process elements of your loved ones in jewellery, think of ashes or a fingerprint. In all our years in this craft we acquired a lot of experience with this.


Ash jewellery

Using the gold of your loved one is also a possibility. Ash is also something that is used in memorial jewellery a lot. We can process the ashes below diamonds, we have developed a way to enclose the ashed in a waterproof way. We always make a video of the processing of your loved ones gold and ashes. There will be no doubt we really used the materials provided by you.

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Changing wedding rings

Wedding rings can be changed without destroying the engraving and the emotion of the wedding ring behind it. This can only be done one time and it should be done perfectly, because when the envgraving is destroyed it is impossible to recover it exactly. Our belive is that everything around the purchase should be perfect, years after you should still think: “They understood me”

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