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The caracteristics of diamonds can be described in the four C’s: clarity, cut, carat and color. These four C’s offer you a handle, with which you can determine the quality of a diamond. All recognized institutes in the area of gems apply these four C’s in their assesment method. After reading through the inforamtion on this page, you are also able to make an estimate of a diamond’s value.


Diamonds and impurities

Almost every diamond contains impurities, but do not worry. Most impurities are so small, that the naked eye can not see them. According to gemmologists these impurities are the least important to the appearance of the stone. Still, it remains important to look for visible impurities when looking for a diamond.


The color of a diamond

The color of a diamond is more of a reference to the absence of color. There are diamonds that are selected for their color, but a diamond is generally judged by the absence of color.




The choice we made is to process hard gems in our jewellery, like sapphire, diamond and ruby. Jewellery often takes on a more lasting character and this is something we value. The Jewellery we wear often has a special meaning, which makes us want to wear them as often as possible.