Ring Bicolor Tourmaline


18K white gold with Diamonds and Rare -from blue to green- gradient Tourmaline.

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Handcrafted Ring with Beautiful and Rare Bicolor Tourmaline: A Masterpiece of Unique Design

If you are looking for a truly unique piece of jewelry that exudes both elegance and individuality. Then this handmade ring with beautiful and rare baguette-cut tourmaline is the perfect piece for you. With its color gradient from indigolite blue to deep green and surrounded by excellent brilliant-cut diamonds. This ring is a true masterpiece.

The tourmaline, a gemstone known for its intense color and rarity, is the radiant centerpiece of this ring. The baguette cut gives the stone a modern look and highlights its unique color gradient. From the deep indigolite blue on one side to the vibrant deep green on the other, each corner reveals a new hue that enchants.

To accentuate the beauty of the tourmaline, it is surrounded by excellent brilliant-cut diamonds in E/LZ grade. These diamonds shine brighter than ever and create a beautiful contrast to the intense colors of the tourmaline.

The setting feet of the ring contain princess cut diamonds in F/VVS quality, which not only add extra sparkle but also add a sophisticated touch to the design. These small details make this ring truly special.

But the craftsmanship doesn’t stop here.

Even the sides of the ring are decorated with princess-cut diamonds, giving it a luxurious look from every perspective. It is this attention to detail that truly sets this ring apart from other jewelry.

In addition to its aesthetic qualities, this ring is also made of 18K fair trade gold. This means it meets ethical and sustainable standards. This not only makes you feel good when wearing this piece of jewelry, but also contributes to a better world.

Each handmade ring is unique and created just for you. From the design to the finish, every aspect is handled with great care and precision to ensure that you have something that is truly special.

So if you are looking for a statement piece that combines elegance, individuality and craftsmanship, this handmade ring with beautiful bicolor tourmaline is the perfect choice. With its intense colors, sparkling diamonds and ethically sourced materials, this ring will capture your heart and garner admiration wherever you go.

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