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18K yellow gold ring with Indigolite Tourmaline and white and blue Diamonds.

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18K yellow gold ring with magnificently flawless Indigolite Tourmaline measuring 6.22 ct.

The world of jewelry has always been fascinating. There are countless beautiful specimens that attract attention and evoke admiration. One particular piece that is definitely worth discussing is the 18K yellow gold ring with magnifying flawless Indigolite Tourmaline.

This beautiful ring features a stunning Indigolite Tourmaline of a whopping 6.22 ct. The cut of the stone is emerald, which means it is cut in a rectangular shape with cut corners. This particular cut highlights the clarity and color intensity of the stone, making it stand out even more.

Another impressive aspect of this ring are the diamonds set around it. Surrounding the Indigolite are 34 brilliant-cut diamonds set pavé. These add sparkle and glamour. The brilliant cut of the diamonds allows them to reflect light in a beautiful way, making the entire ring even more alive.

But that’s not all! On the side of the ring, no less than 40 blue brilliant-cut diamonds are pavé set all the way around. These blue diamonds create a subtle contrast to the Indigolite and add a splash of color to the whole setting.

The combination of the 18K yellow gold, the flawless Indigolite Tourmaline and the brilliant diamonds make this ring a real showpiece. It is a piece of jewelry that stands out not only for its beauty, but also for its craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Whether you are looking for a special ring for a special occasion or simply want to invest in something unique and timeless, this 18K yellow gold ring with loupe-pure Indigolite Tourmaline is undoubtedly an excellent choice.

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