Yellow gold earrings with Topaz


18K yellow gold earrings with Topaz and Diamonds.

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Yellow gold earrings with Topaz and Diamonds.

Are you looking for beautiful earrings that perfectly complement your personal style?  Then the Earrings 18K yellow gold with 2 times 3,60 ct Topaz and 22 Diamonds of 0,15 ct per earring by Cober Jewelers are the ideal choice for you.

These breathtaking earrings are crafted from high-quality, durable 18K yellow gold. Yellow gold exudes warmth and luxury, making it a timeless choice for jewellery. These earrings have an elegant and sophisticated look that can be worn effortlessly on any occasion, be it a formal evening or a casual day out.

The two beautiful Topaz gemstones in these earrings each have an impressive weight of 3,60 ct. The rich blue colour of the Topaz adds a touch of vibrancy to the earrings and is sure to attract attention. Known for its calming properties, Topaz is often associated with serenity and tranquillity.

To further enhance the design, no less than 22 sparkling Diamonds have been placed around the Topaz gemstones. Each earring features 11 Diamonds weighing 0,15 ct each. The combination of the radiant Diamonds and the sparkling blue Topaz creates an enchanting effect that is sure to turn heads.

If you are looking for a unique piece of jewellery that exudes craftsmanship and luxury. Then you will definitely be impressed by these earrings from Cober Jewelers. Each pair is handcrafted by experienced silversmiths who only work with high-quality materials and top-quality gemstones.

At Cober Jewellers, we believe in offering timeless beauty and excellence in all our creations. With these handmade yellow gold Earrings with 2 times 3,60 ct Topaz and 22 Diamonds. Will add a touch of elegance to your jewellery collection.

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