The art of goldsmithing

To make high quality jewellery, we cannot work without driven employees. The only way is to use knowledge, vision, patience and most of a perseverance. Unique jewellery is impossible to make without a serene and peaceful working environment. It is an illusion to think that we could make high quality products without a modern studio and specialized equipment. When we invite people to come and take a look at our studio, we can see from the expressions on their faces that their romanticized idea of goldsmithing disappears like a puff of smoke. Here you can see why:

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Goldsmithing in Oss

In earlier times, diamond setters would inevitably get back problems, muscle inflammation and numerous other health complaints from continuously cutting gold with their knifes. Now we use the same knifes as then, but they use with pressurized air. This way, we can go on for hours and even keep the company doctor away. Microscopes are also a very important part of modern day equipment for diamond setters, after all we want to deliver perfect craftsmanship. And we will.



3D printing

Old-fashioned cutting of wax to later cast gold in is replaced by 3D wax-printers, which improves both your efficiency and your accuracy. Especially the printing of repetitive parts, like links in a bracelet, makes our work so much simpler as we no longer have to be concerned that the links won’t match. The owner, Vincent Cober, has been interested in this since 2002, when big brands such as Cartier and Bulgari displayed jewellery that just could not be made by old- fashioned goldsmithing. In 2004 Vincent bought his own 3D printers, he was the first in the Netherlands to start working this way. A very unusual step during that time.

Besides micromotors, laser-cutters, vacuum casting machines, digitally designing and numerous other possibilities, the art of goldsmithing is still a craft for which a tremendous interest is required. Gems also require a lot of knowledge and experience, to pick the best ones and to make sure that when set in a piece of jewellery they will never fall out, or even break when setting them.
It really is a craft that requires tremendous knowledge and goldsmiths will never be done educating themselves. It is something all goldsmiths have in common.